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Advantages of gypsum-based self-leveling mortar


Gypsum-based thick-layer self-leveling compound is mainly used for leveling the ground floor, that is, it is used as a support material for the ground decorative layer. The construction thickness is 10-120mm. It can produce micro-expansion during the condensation and hardening process, does not produce shrinkage cracks, and is thermally stable. Well, it can be used for leveling wooden floors and floor heating floors, and can be used to lay various types of ceramic tiles on the surface, lay various types of bamboo, wooden floors and various carpets.

Advantages of gypsum-based self-leveling mortar


1) The ground constructed with gypsum-based self-leveling compound has accurate dimensions, extremely high levelness, and a flatness of up to 3 meters. The drop within a ruler is less than 2mm, which greatly reduces subsequent construction costs. There will be no hollowing or cracking; it is easy and convenient to operate. It is highly efficient and can be constructed by pumping. The daily floor covering can reach 2000~3000m2, which is 5~10 times faster than traditional ground material construction. In the process of use, it is easy to meet the requirements of floor installation by using self-leveling installation. It can provide a stable base surface with a service life of at least 50 years; it provides the flatness accuracy of the ground so that the floor can be installed after installation. The seams are on the same plane, thus protecting the surface material above and extending the service life of the floor material.


2) Used for "floor heating" leveling covering. It can be constructed to meet the requirements of floor heating pipe coverage and floor leveling in one go. The construction thickness is controllable and can be made from 1 to 8 centimeters according to the thickness of the floor heating pipe. It has the same effect as covering floor heating pipes with cement mortar. It has two important advantages: first, it does not crack, can produce micro-expansion during the condensation and hardening process, does not produce shrinkage cracks, and has good thermal stability, and can be used for leveling wooden floors and floor heating floors; it does not resemble Like cement-based self-leveling mortar, cracking, bulging, etc. occur due to thermal expansion, cold contraction, and dry shrinkage. Therefore, uneven stress due to walking on the cracks will cause cutting and friction on the floor heating pipes and other pipelines. function, causing the floor heating pipes and other pipelines to be extruded, cracked or broken; thereby affecting the service life of the floor heating pipes and other pipelines, it is used as a "floor heating" leveling cover with good thermal insulation performance (compared with other heating methods, floor heating has an energy saving of about is 20%. If a zoned temperature control device is used, the energy saving range can be as high as 40%).


3) Quick drying, it can be installed after 4 hours of construction in summer/8 hours of construction in winter. It does not require traditional maintenance methods, the drying time is fast, and the construction cycle is shortened.


4) The dry bulk density is 1.42kg/L, and the same thickness is lighter than fine stone concrete, which reduces the overall weight and reinforcement content of the stairs, thereby reducing the overall cost of the building.


5) Environmental protection and sound insulation. As a floor heating system, the porosity of the gypsum material itself can play the role of sound insulation and heat preservation. The density of gypsum-based self-leveling mortar is low, which can reduce the load-bearing quality of the building. It does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, casein, VOC, etc., and has no ammonia gas release. It has significantly improved the environmental protection standards of the entire decoration and is a green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving type. product. The self-leveling construction process is low-noise, does not involve hammering nails or using power tools, does not require sanding, and avoids the generation of dust. Self-leveling also provides a comfortable and quiet environment for use, avoiding the noise of footsteps due to uneven floors and gaps left by keels. The hardened floor of gypsum-based self-leveling mortar has a certain degree of elasticity, feels warm and comfortable under the feet, and has a certain sound insulation effect.

6) When gypsum-based self-leveling mortar and cement mortar are used for the leveling layer of building floors, the final costs of the two materials are similar.


7) High temperature resistance. The heat resistance of gypsum-based self-leveling remains basically stable at 50°C, and the shrinkage values, flexural and compressive strengths at 28d and 194d remain almost the same.


8) Better visual effect: The self-leveling ground leveling effect is very obvious, making the floor paved on the self-leveling surface more beautiful in appearance. The flat base surface ensures that the floor can achieve a mirror-like effect and obtain perfect visual enjoyment; because The new floor paving method without keels makes the height of your indoor space about 45mm higher. The height of the keels is about 50mm, while self-leveling only requires about 5mm, making the space more open.


KUNDU CHEMICALS gypsum based self-leveling compound KDO 40M which includes special

cement, redispersible polymer powder, cellulose ethers and other active ingredient, is a high-tech environment-friendly product with advanced technology and formula refined. With fast hardening, people can walk on it after 4-5 hours, and 24 hours later can do surface construction, its more convenient for workers to operate than traditional artificial leveling.

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