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Redispersible Powder 6031H
  • Redispersible Powder 6031H
Redispersible Powder 6031H
【Brief】:Redispersible Powder 6031H is a hyderophobic grade
【Series】:Redispersible Polymer



Redispersible polymer powder


                                 KD 6031H



Product Data
KD 6031H is a hydrophobic dispersible polymer powder base on Vinyl acetate/ethylene/acrylic acid for good tensile adhesion strength on inorganic surfaces combined with good hydrophobic properties and good workability.

Appearance: White free flowing powder
Particle size D50 um: App.70~100
Bulk density: 400~600 gram/litre


Typical properties

Solids content (%)                                                           98 min
Ash content (%)                                                               8~12 
PH Value                                                                         5.0~8.0
Viscosity of 50% water Solution at 25 (PaS)                    0.5~2.0
()                                                                         0   


KD6031H performs as binder and hydrophobic agent. When blended with inorganic binders, the resin will provide improved adhesion, flexural strength in bending, deformability and abrasion resistance and are easier to process. Due to the hydrophobizing resin's special composition and production method, compounds modified with

KD 6031H will have extensive and lasting water repellency on alkaline building materials, significantly reducing water absorption.

KD6031H contains a fine, mineral filler as anti-block agents. It is free of solvents, plasticizers and film-forming aids


Main uses:

Tile grout mortar

Waterproof membrane

Power paints

Skim coat

EIFS System mortars



Redispersible polymer powder should be stored in cool and dry environment. It is recommended to use within 6 months, preferably be used as soon as possible in summer. Storage in high temperature and humidity conditions will increase the risk of caking. Opened containers should be used as soon as possible, if not, should be resealed to prevent ingress of moisture from the air.

Redispersible polymer powder supplied in paper bags should not be stacked. Prolonged heavy pressure may cause caking. Storage under pressure should also be avoided.



25 kg paper bags inner

Big Bags (500 kg)


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